Our Story

Elysa and Rory first crossed paths as co-workers, and coworkers they remained for nine long months as Rory, in his ever so charming persistence, continued to throw caution to the wind and flirt incessantly with Elysa while she remained vigilant in her statement that she “doesn’t date co-workers.”

Thus the co-worker status remained until a fateful night at a company wide bowling party (where you will find both romance and lysol in the air), when their boss finally belted out the obvious, “you two should date!” To which Rory responds, “I’ve been trying!” Such a blunt retort caught Elysa by surprise, for she had never really believed that Rory’s flirtations were a genuine show of interest.

Being left to stew on the information she had just received, it took three whole days of analyzing before Elysa felt the urge to text Rory and ask if he had truly meant what he said. The answer, of course, was a resounding “Yes!”, and from that point on. . .