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    Posted on March 29, 2012 by in Happy Couple

    This weekend I had a fabulous wedding tea hosted by my mom’s long time friend Anne.

    Hostess and the Bridesmaids!

    One of the main activities of the event was to have all the women in the room go around and say how many years they have been married and give a short bit of marriage advice. Interestingly enough, several people in the room were in 20+ years of marriage ranging up to 50 years! As you can image there was lots of great insights, also a few laughs and a few un-repeatable moments. My dear friend of 11 years, and bridesmaid, Tanja effortless took notes of everyone’s advice. Here is what the ladies had to say about marriage:

    • Don’t take each other for granted. – Amy (friend of the bride)
    • You will have different cycles of feelings and emotions. – Kristi (friend of Mother of the bride)
    • Say thank you and remember that together you are a dynamic force! – Kathy (friend)
    • Don’t lose yourself in the process and always have a close friend in your life. – Sandra (aunt of the bride)
    • Travel. Always remember to laugh a lot. Talk about everything. Remember that you’re soul-mates. – Roma (aunt of the bride)
    • Remember, on the day of your wedding, he chose you. Always remember: He chose you. He will always choose you. – Cathy (cousin-in-law of the bride)
    • Someone always has to be nice. Communicate what’s going on with you. If you’re gonna fight, fight naked. – Suzy (cousin-in-law of the bride)
    • when the kids are happy, parents are happy. – Audrey (age 9 – cousin of the bride)
    • Be true to who you are. On the wedding day, take mental pictures to capture all the moments. – Kimberley (cousin-in-law of the bride)
    • Have fun! Always have fun. Don’t go to bed mad, only go to bed naked. – Meredith (long time friend of Mother of the bride)
    • Remember to pick your battles. Her grandmother (had 13 kids and was married at 15) told her: I loved him so much when I married him, I could of eaten him up. Later, I wish I had. – Wana (cousin-in-law of the bride)
    • “We’re on our honeymoon every day.” Put each other first. Her husband Mike acknowledges she’s a princess. – Mary (long time friend of Mother of the bride)
    • It doesn’t matter if you’re right. Pick your fights. – Peggy (long time friend of Mother of the bride)
    • “Hang on to every word” Don’t stop listening to each other and be truly interested in what the other person has to say. – Marilyn (Mother of the Groom)
    • Make time for each other and focus on one another. Don’t go to bed angry. – Kaity (long time friend of the bride, bridesmaid)
    • Just do it. – Kyla (cousin of the bride)
    • Don’t stop being silly. – Tanja (long time friend of the bride, bridesmaid)
    • Grow together. Try to say no as little as possible. – Kristi (long time friend of the bride, bridesmaid)
    • 3 rules for our marriage: 1) Always communicate about everything. 2) Always put the other person first. 3) Be best friends. – Tiffany (friend of the bride, bridesmaid)
    • Love is a choice to make. Making the choice is hard sometimes, but always the right one. – Teri (friend of the bride)
    • Communicate. Talk always and remain friends. – Andrea (childhood friend of the bride)
    • Adore each other. – Lilian (Grandmother of the bride)
    • Keep things fresh. Keep things cheesy and silly. Remember H-A-L-T-I. At the end of the day, since you know them and know their heart, you can forgive and forget. – Julianna (sister-ish of the bride, bridesmaid)
    • Don’t forget: Don’t take things personally. Don’t say anything if he has a hobby. – Lesa (Step-mother of the bride)

    Advice from my mom


    Advice from Anne


    A special thank you to everyone who attended and made it such a fun experience!


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  1. Tina Moore says:

    Looks like an amazing day for all you fabulous women (which leads to another tid bit of advice from me)… As much as you ADORE that man of yours, it is so important to continue to have these days of bonding with other women. It’s so important when we are feeling like our Prince is acting more like a toad, (and yes,there will be those times), that we aren’t the only one’s that feel that way. When you’re amongst other women and you hear their frustrations, it does 2 things…
    1. Makes you realize you’re not the only one having these feelings and they are normal
    2. YOUR toad sounds more like a Prince in comparison! lol

    Bottom line, don’t expect him to be a Prince ALL the time, we Princesses fall off our throne’s occasionally too. Love ya both!